The First Meeting

A pillar of our platform will be a bi-annual European B Cell (ECBnet) Forum. The first ECBnet Forum was organized in 2018 in Landshut (Germany) from the 16. – 18. of July by Idit Shachar (Israel), Rita Carsetti (Italy), Hans-Martin Jäck, (Germany), Agnes Giniewski (Germany) and Anja Glanz (Germany). More than 81 group leaders from 15 European countries have registered for this 1st ECBnet Forum, and 56 abstracts for lectures have been submitted. At this first meeting, each participating country had the opportunity to give an overview of its B-cell research.

To maintain the enthusiasm and momentum of the first Forum, EBCnet members have decided to organize the next European B Cell Forum next year. The Forum will be organized by Rita Carsetti in July 2019 in Frascati (Italy).