The ECBnet Council

The ECBnet speakers are supported by an advisory council consisting of one representative selected by each participating country. The current members are

Member Country Contact
Rita Carsetti Italy
Lill Martensson Sweden
Idit Shachar Israel
Ralf Küppers Germany
Rudi Hendriks The Netherlands
Fabienne Willems Belgium
Claudia Mauri United Kingdom
Victor Greiff Norway
Thierry Defrance France
Antonio Lanchaveccia Switzerland
Pieta Mattila Finland
Almudena Ramiro Spain
Dirk Brenner Luxembourg
Padraic Fallon Ireland
Søren Degn Denmark
Meinrad Busslinger Austria
Kostas Stamatopoulos Greece
Uibo Raivo Estonia
Siggeir Brynjolfsson
Bojan Polic Croatia

Please note, that the list can be supplemented with countries that have not participated in ECBnet Forum 2018.